​​Curtis Ames


2014                          MFA, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA
2002                          BFA, University of Georgia, Athens, GA

Solo Exhibitions

2019                          ​less than more, Forward Arts Foundation, Atlanta, GA

2019                          It Could Happen to You, Booth Gallery, Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Snowmass Village, CO  

                                               Collaboration with Candice Greathouse.

2015                          in general, MINT Satellite, Atlanta, GA
2014                          unfictional, Ernest G. Welch Gallery, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA
2006                          Systems of Control, Roswell Visual Arts Center, Roswell, GA

Selected Group Exhibitions

2017                          ​WORK, Formations Studio, Atlanta, GA

2017                          The Game Show, Lyndon House Arts Center, Athens, GA
2016                          Elegant Simplicity, Nightingale Gallery, Eastern Oregon University, La Grande, OR
2016                          Lightweight, The Hambidge Center, Rabun Gap, GA

2015                          Sprawl! Drawing Outside the Lines, High Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA
2015                          Leap Year(s), The Hambidge Center, Rabun Gap, GA
2015                          Ephemeral Memorable, Mammal Gallery, Atlanta, GA
2013                          AQUA Art Miami, AQUA Hotel, Miami, FL
2012                          Fresh Blood, Mason Murer, Atlanta, GA
2012                          Trans/Positions, Kiang Gallery, Atlanta, GA
2011                          GA Artists, Abernathy Arts Center, Atlanta, GA
2009                          ARThouse [09], The Pink Palace, Atlanta, GA
2009                          The December Show, Whitespace Gallery, Atlanta, GA
2008                          Crop Circles, Cosmograms, and Psychogeographies, Eyedrum, Atlanta, GA
2007                          New Life Visuals, New Life Shop, Berlin, Germany
2007                          Looks Good on Paper, Spruill Gallery, Atlanta, GA
2007                          Scientific Aesthetics, Altered Aesthetics, Minneapolis, MN
2005                          Tug of War, Starland Gallery, Savannah, GA                                                                           

Performances + Installations

2018                         “R.O.Y.G.B.I.V.,” performative drawings, Monster Drawing Rally, High Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA.             

                                               Collaboration with Candice Greathouse.
2017                          “Rainbow Cube,” installation, The Glass Cube at Hotel Indigo, Athens, GA. Collaboration with Candice  


2016                          “ALOHA – From the Greathouse-Ames Archive,” installation, Community Slide Show, Atlanta
                                               Contemporary, Atlanta, GA. Curated by Vesna Pavlovic. Collaboration with Candice Greathouse.

2016                          “silver + gold,” installation, Scenes of Disproportion, 368 PONCE Galleries, Atlanta, GA.
                                               Collaboration with Candice Greathouse.
2016                          “Paired Balloons,” installation, I FUCKING L*** YOU TOO, Kibbee Gallery, Atlanta, GA. Collaboration with                                                  Candice Greathouse.

2015                          “00:41:00” and “00:02:00,” performative drawings, Monster Drawing Rally, High Museum of Art,  
                                               Atlanta, GA. Collaboration with Candice Greathouse.
2015                          “Unbuilt Wall,” performance, Make Making Work Work, MINT Satellite, Atlanta, GA.

2014                          "weak hand," performance and exhibition, DOUBLE|DATE,  MINT, Atlanta, GA. Collaboration                      

                                               with Kojo Griffin.
2012                          “You, Me, and Everyone We Know [The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics],” multi-channel interactive
                                               thermal imaging projection, College Night, High Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA.

2012                          “High Sunrise,” time-lapse thermal imaging projection, College Night, High Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA.    

                                               Collaboration with Candice Greathouse.
2009                          “You, Me, and Everyone We Know [The 1st Law of Thermodynamics],” interactive thermal
                                               imaging projection, The December Show, Whitespace Gallery, Atlanta, GA
​2005                          “The Calculated Force,” kinetic sculpture, Art in Freedom Park, Freedom Park, Atlanta, GA

Curatorial Projects

​2017                          Parallel Play, The Finishing School, UGA, Athens, GA. Co-curated with Candice Greathouse.

2015                          Make Making Work Work, MINT Satellite, Atlanta, GA. Co-curated with Hez Stalcup.
2013                          un(real), MINT, Atlanta, GA. Co-curated with Candice Greathouse and Chris Langley. 

Awards + Honors

2018                          Emerging Artist Award, Forward Arts Foundation, Atlanta, GA

2015                          Artist Residency, The Hambidge Center, Rabun Gap, GA
2014                          Leap Year Artist, MINT, Atlanta, GA


High Museum of Art, Atlanta, Georgia.
Michael Rooks, Wieland Family Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, High Museum of Art, Atlanta, Georgia.
Lock Anderson Kresler, (Erstwhile) Director of Private Sales, Post-War and Contemporary Art, Christie’s, London, England.


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